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September 11th, 2013

My crystal ball predictions for the September primary

Lillie Howard

Being that I am writing this column on Friday, September 6th, five days before the 2013 Primary, I’m bringing forth my predictions:. Ward 1: Karen Mejia; Ward 2: Eugenie S. Abrams; Ward 3: Patricia Sofokles and Legislature District 4:Curlie Dillard. For once in my lifetime I pray that my predictions are wrong, but taking into consideration what I have seen and heard and also have not heard ,this is the way that I suspect that the Primary will go. Why?

On Tuesday September 3rd I went to the Safe Harbor building where I was told that there was going to be a Candidate’s Debate but when I got there I was told that it had been canceled. Truthfully, I don’t even know who was sponsoring it. Wow! This is a sad indictment that not one organization in the city of Newburgh felt that it was important enough to sponsor a debate. Evidently the NAACP, Ministerial Alliances, Action Newburgh nor any other organization in this city felt that a Candidate’s Debate would have been of any major significance or importance. I wonder why? I find it to be very interesting that when I went on Action Newburgh’s website it says: Action Newburgh is working with others in each Ward to sponsor forums. What happened or were they held in secret which is the way that most things are handled in this city.

The City of Newburgh is finally bringing forth that which was planned years ago starting with the actions of Urban Renewal back in the late ‘50s. Sad to say, but some of your so-called leaders throughout the years have been participants in this on-going madness. Them and their families have prospered but the conditions of the masses that they were supposedly representing has remained the same. Wow! Sell Outs! Truthfully, they have sold the people that they were supposedly representing down the drain. Wow! It’s going to be very interesting when they stand before the Judgement Seat and say" we did this and we did that in your name" they’re going to be told depart from me ye workers of iniquity for I know ye not. Wow!

It might not happen immediately but in the upcoming near future you’re going to see the Master Plan unfolding. Mejia’s winning in that First Ward didn’t have to be but it was made possible by the votes being split between Tammi (Pebbles) Hollins & Timothy Hayes-EL for they were also running for that same seat and this assured that neither one of them would win. How sad for that definitely assured Karen Mejia’s win.

What is it going to take to right this wrong? We need dedicated and honest people to step up who won’t allow themselves to be co-opted. Most people knew who wasn’t dedicated and honest but throughout the years have allowed themselves to remain silent because the truth hurts. The few that have spoken up have always been looked upon as troublemakers. How sad!

Time will bring forth the hard cold reality of my analysis. Last, but definitely not least, watch what will happen to Varick Homes in the upcoming years - that property plays a major role in this Master Plan for Newburgh. Wow! I pray that my predictions are wrong, but sadly I don’t think they will be. This is Lillie’s Point of View.

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