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June 26th, 2013

Looking back so that we can begin to move forward

Lillie Howard

When I woke up this morning I felt like a ton a bricks had fallen on my head. I finally realized something that I had known all along, but this morning it was crystallized and became very clear to me - my 2007 mayoral campaign was deliberately sabotaged.

Why, you may be asking, am I dragging up all of this now? Well, because my mayoral campaign was sabotaged. Truthfully, the biggest mistake that I made during my campaign was allowing people that I knew were only concerned about their individual selves to become a part of it. I knew what they were about, but I put that aside because of their expertise in some very important prior campaigns. My campaign was sold down the river because the things that I said I would work towards, if elected, were not what the powers that be wanted to see happening in the City of Newburgh. Things like liveable wage jobs; affordable, decent, safe, and sanitary housing; job training apprenticeship programs; community policing; and other things that were not a part of their plans for the City of Newburgh. They wanted and still want a specific segment of this community out by any means necessary. The same old manipulative game of divide and conquer won out back then and is in the making for this upcoming election.

I see the same games developing - the same powers that be who pulled the strings during my election are doing the same thing again. A powerful game of divide and conquer has once again been launched to ensure that certain people get voted in. This way, their plans to remove a certain segment of this community out can be materialized.

The First Ward, is deeply connected to those powers that be. I’m very concerned about someone wanting to be a power-broker in my community who can’t even get enough youth into a program that would enable them to be able to obtain their high school diplomas, especially taking into consideration the high drop-out rate in our community. Something’s very wrong with that picture.

I hope and pray that people will wake up and stop allowing themselves to be manipulated, stop allowing those that have no concern for them to continue to pull their strings. Wake Up! It’s time to pull the covers off of the real enemies in our community, and join hands to make sure that our city will become a city where those who want to work will be able to do so. In watching the video of the June 17th city council meeting and hearing about how a policeman recently roughed up a 12-year-old girl, for whatever reason, makes it very clear that nothing has changed at all regarding the police issue. I’m waiting to see what the upcoming report regarding our police discloses and what remedies are going to be put in place to begin to change all of this. Hopefully the people will rise up and organize to make sure that Newburgh will become a place where people of all persuasions will be able to live peacefully and decently. Never forget that nothing will change unless you strive, working together to bring about that change. If not, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

I will be continuing this in a series because I fear that the city I was born and raised in is about to put the final nail in its coffin and then throw it into the Hudson River, never to be seen again.

People had better wake up and realize what’s going on and not allow themselves to be found after this September primary and November election asking "What happened?" Instead you should search your mind and realize exactly what happened: you didn’t vote for the right people! That’s what happened. Wake up!

Don’t allow yourselves to wake up after the coffin has already been thrown into the river because by then it will be too late to fix anything. This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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Reader Response
  • Mrs.Etoile Daniels
  • August 6th, 2013 On at least 3 occasions I felt that same ton of bricks,during my 6 year stay in Newburgh. Each time it was at a political meeting where you were present. Once, at my first time to a democratic club meeting, Harvey Berger called a woman a BITCH when she proposed to continue discussion when he wanted to close the meeting.NOT ONE PERSON SPOKE UP! The second time, was at a group political meeting at City Hall. A NAACP lawyer was there,who did not question the newly installed female City Manager when she said that the money was moved elsewhere,in response to the question of the use of the STATE $'s designated for Newburgh,nor did he respond to her plans for Newburgh 40 years from now!!! I was incensed at her audacity. I chose to leave and wait for an opportunity to confer with the lawyer and the group to ask why they were not adamant about their proposals. If you recall the consensus was we'll address this later. The third time,was when it was discovered that the same City Manager was complicit in an arrangement with a man(whose name I don't recall) who was an officer of the political action group which had voted to 'have no individual representation of the group. Particularly, no representation without you[L.H]! Yet,this individual defiantly moved contrary to group political action which was to benefit the city residents of Newburgh to pursue personal interest that would benefit himself as a property owner.

    This is an ongoing abusive situation! Hasn't your experience become dull to the pain???

    I speak out of concern,but not with sympathy!


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