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June 12th, 2013

The big head needs to be chopped off in Newburgh

Lillie Howard

I cannot believe what I experienced recently when I attended the city of Newburgh’s Democratic Committee Endorsement Meeting. You had to have been there to believe what went on because it was total madness. First and foremost there were a lot of committee people that didn’t even show up for this important meeting, which was to choose candidates to run for city council. Some committee people sent their proxies in but others didn’t. Wow! Evidently they’re not very concerned about who’s possibly going to be running their city government. How sad!

I found it to be quite interesting and also very sad that not one of the African Americans that came to get the endorsement was not successful in obtaining it - Timothy Hayes (1st Ward), Minister Roy Legette (2nd Ward), and Cindy Holmes (4th Ward). Wow! It’s not surprising, though, when one takes into consideration the mindset of the Democratic committee, which in reality is controlled by their County Chairman Jonathan Jacobson. The city chairperson, Roxie Royal, is a sweet lady and I commend her for her many years of service, but it’s time for her to pass the torch. Sad to say, but she doesn’t realize that Jacobson is and has been pulling her strings to get done what he wanted. How sad!

Hopefully the community will realize the significance and importance of this upcoming primary and vote those in that are going to be concerned about what is or is not going on in their community and also what will or will not be going on. Don’t misunderstand me because truthfully this is not about race, as it pertains to potential candidates, because the color of one’s skin definitely does not reveal the content that’s within one’s heart. My concern about Karen Mejia is that she is involved with the Landbank which is definitely about changing the profile of this community. The Landbank might not be about Urban Renewal but it’s definitely going to be about Urban Removal. People had better wake up and seriously realize what’s going to be taking place in the upcoming years in the city of Newburgh and the Democratic Committee is playing a very large part in all of this. I don’t even have to mention the city of Newburgh’s Republican Committee because we’ve always known where they’ve stood.

The Democratic Committee needs to be taken over by those who are really concerned about what has and what is or is not going on in our city, as it pertains to the poor and also the taxpayers. When things are made better for them, namely bringing decent paying jobs into our community, then things will begin to move forward. Always remember that poverty breeds crime. Also remember that the community at large needs to be held accountable because endorsements from the committee doesn’t necessarily mean that those selected by the committee will win. The community must rise up like they did for my primary election in 2007. I did not receive the Democrat Committee’s endorsement but I won the primary. I also would have won the general election if the Democratic Committee had seriously worked for me. Oh well, that’s water under the bridge. In this upcoming primary choose the candidates that you feel will seriously represent your needs. If not, you’ll only have yourselves to blame for what unfolds in this city. Also, if the candidates that you vote for choose not to truly represent you, you must hold their feet to the fire and remember not to elect them again.

My last thoughts re: the Endorsement meeting is that Regina Angelo has been on the council for almost 22 years. Don’t you feel that it’s time for a new face to sit in that seat? It’s very surprising that no one, so far, has chose to step up to run against her in the upcoming primary. Hopefully someone will choose to do so. Seriously think on that!

Also, seriously think on the fact that if something is cancerous it needs to be cut out therefore the Democratic committee needs to have some serious renovation done on it and it must start with the HEAD being chopped off. I don’t mean that literally, but it’s time for the Democrats to choose a new County Chairperson that will not try to control the City of Newburgh’s committee. Truthfully, I feel that it’s time for a third party to be started in the city of Newburgh. Seriously think on that! This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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