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November 21st, 2012

It’s time to wake up and start discussing race issues

Lillie Howard

When I find myself overwhelmed by what is unfolding before my very eyes, I have to say to myself, "wake up!"

Based upon a recent headline that read "Paul Ryan blames urban vote for loss", it is clear that Mr. Ryan has a short memory. After all of the negative things that were done and said about Black people during this election, how could he be surprised about the way that the election went? Has Mr. Ryan forgotten that Black people were once denied the right to vote and that many of them gave their very lives to gain that right? Now, in 2012, that same right was once again threatened in many cities and states. Has Mr. Ryan forgotten the 47% remark made by his running mate? I could go on and on with this but the bottom line is that the people rose to the occasion to show that "and still we rise!"

Republicans and also some Democrats need to wake up and realize that things are changing in this country. America is no longer a white male dominated society, though they are trying to remain in power by playing the "divide and conquer" game. They are trying to drive a wedge between the Hispanic and African Americans because they realize that if these two groups band together they will be in control. The headlines stated that the Latino vote is what got President Obama elected, when in fact President Obama received 93% of the Black vote. Truthfully, it was a combination of all right-thinking citizens that gave President Obama four more years.

The sad part here is that this racist mentality did not go away when President Obama won the election, but has increased. Now a petition is being circulated in various states throughout the country to secede from the union. Wow! This is not surprising, though, as they are losing power and can’t handle that. So sad! What is it going to take for the citizens of this country to realize that it’s time for serious dialogue regarding racism? A national discussion needs to be held, or else this country is heading towards self-destruction.

I find it very interesting that there is so much hatred going on in a country that professes to be largely Christian. It seems there are a lot of people who are professing to be Christian but do not possess Christian virtues. When we place our faith in Christ, God becomes our Father, we become his children, other believers become our brothers and sisters, and the church becomes our spiritual family. It looks like this spiritual family has fallen apart. Where is the love? The bible says let love be your greatest aim. Wow! Galatians 5:14: "The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’"

President Obama needs to put racism on the top of his agenda or else this country is headed towards self-destruction. It will be painful, but racism must be discussed. If not, it’s only going to get worse and that’s frightening. This country cannot afford to ignore this discussion - it would be hazardous to all if it is not seriously dealt with. We can’t continue to pretend that it doesn’t exist, for if so we will only have ourselves to blame. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is Lillie’s Point of View!

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