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January 25th, 2017

Stop the Whining and Please Go to Work

Harry C. Alford

“There are not red states or blue states.  There is the United States of America!”, Barack Hussein Obama (2004). 

Oh, did he have us at that point.  We were all going to work together and build a greater America.  Something happened along the way.  Here we are in 2017, and we are as divided as we were in 1968.  The only thing missing are the big, ugly riots in our cities and body bags returning home from the Vietnam War.  How did the Obama Administrations turn Black people mad and unfocused?  He did a good job in encouraging the Hispanic community to go bonkers on anyone opposing the Democratic platform.  It is like “If you disagree with us in any way we will attack you in various ways and at the end call you a “racist”, “homophobe”, “misogynist” and anything else we can think of”.  The projection of the great Uniter proved to be a farce.

In 2009, the Democratic Party held the House, Senate, and the White House.  Now the reverse has happened.  The Dems blew their opportunity and are now in disarray.  They are fighting on who is going to lead the DNC.  So far, the candidates being touted are basically laughable.  This is a prime opportunity for members of the Congressional Black Caucus to makes moves to take the reins.  But no, they can’t seem to shake the awful shock of their champion Hillary Clinton’s failure. She ran a terrible campaign fueled by a corrupt media that claimed she was going to walk into the White House.  She claims that those against her were a “Basket of Deplorables”.  Sorry Hillary, that alleged basket had more people in it than yours.

Americans of all shapes and sizes have become tired of the same old process.  Vote for the candidates presented before you and the status quo will continue.  Nope, mainstream America hates the status quo and changes must be made.  Yes, America will become great again and there is nothing you can do about it.  The name calling, demonstrations and other ugly behavior will not change your ugly appearance. No, it was not a few Russians that rigged our election.  Yes, our electoral college system still works as it always did.  Please don’t assume that you get the truth from today’s media.

There are 40+ congresspersons who are saying they won’t participate in the upcoming Inauguration ceremonies (a great demonstration of our democracy).  These poor souls will be shirking their sworn duty and it will reflect on the future of their leadership.  Who wants an elected official who refuses to do their elected duty? That is not a leader!  That is a reckless mind going “south”.  If your representative goes aAWOL (Absent without leave) do as the military does – Bust Them.  They don’t need to represent you.  They act like their absence is going to be a big thing.  They won’t be missed by you and your loved ones won’t be represented.  Take note and remember at the next election.  They are arrogant and don’t represent your interest.

Let us all face the truth that is right before us:  Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States and that is going to be a good thing.  Suddenly, the job market is already opening.  The arrival of new manufacturing plants is being announced and will be hiring American citizens and he isn’t sworn in yet.  It’s like that great Gershwin tune, “Fish are jumping and the cotton is high.  Your daddy’s rich…so hush little baby don’t you cry.”

So, my people, don’t go along to get along.  If you run with three losers soon you will become the fourth.  Move towards those who have the winning hand.  This political whining isn’t going to amount to a thing.  An example, Talladega University has been invited to have its wonderful band participate in the inauguration.  They were challenged and berated by the usual losers.  Like crabs in a barrel people wanted to pull them back.  The leadership of this school would not go along with the anti-Trump hype.  Dr. Billy C. Hawkins went on the Bill O’Reilly show exposing all the pressure to stop his students from this great opportunity.  He also stated that his school was trying to fundraise $165,000 to sponsor the trip.  Mr. O’Reilly responded by saying my listeners will come to your aid.  In just a few days, $500,000+ has come in to support their opportunity.  The excess will go towards infrastructure improvement needed by this fine HBCU. How about that?  The many who have yielded to the pressure, death threats, etc. have lost their opportunity.  Don’t you be that way.

If your elected official is doing this “suicidal” type of behavior.  You need to change your way and find someone who will work for you.  Tell them to do what they are elected to do.  If not, HIT THE ROAD JACK!

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®

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