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August 8th, 2012

Pine Plains resident saves unconscious fox

17-year-old Amanda Demers of Pine Plains recently rescued a fox that she discovered laying unconscious on Rt. 199. The fox, seen here post-surgery, has found a new home at the Bear Mountain zoo.
STAATSBURG - When 17-year-old Amanda Demers of Pine Plains woke up Saturday morning, she certainly did not know what she had in store for her. Demers was on her way to work at New York State Park Rudd Pond when she noticed a red fox lying on the road. He was unconscious and did not look well at all. The young fox had been hit by a car while scavenging for food on Rt.199 in Pine Plains.

The brave teen decided that she needed to take action. She gathered towels and her sweatshirt. Demers cautiously scooped up the unconscious fox and brought him home for the night. The fox spent the night in a crate where Demers and her family members checked on it wearing welding gloves and administered sugar water to it from a dropper to fight dehydration.

By the next morning, to the family’s surprise he was looking peppy. The first-year pup was taken to veterinarian Barbara Clayton, who determined that his humerus bone was broken and that they would need to amputate.

To everyone’s surprise and delight, the fox bounced right back after his surgery. The young fox was walking around as if he had always been three legged. Vet Clayton then vaccinated and neutered the pup to make him a better candidate for a home at a zoo.

The young pup is not only three legged, but he is too socialized to do well out in the wild. Demers contacted Bear Mountain and they agreed to give this fox a new home. The young fox moved into the zoo on Wednesday night and is doing well in his new home.

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