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March 18th, 2015

Cosby… Right? Part 2

Chris Stevenson

There is a possibility of conspiracy. In fact let’s call it Operation NBC, for No Bill Cosby. First of all there is no such animal as an untouchable black man. We see that not even the President has that distinction. There are however, women who can be persuaded in one way or another to go against him and bear false witness. The same guy who said during that same year of ‘04 "we cannot blame white people any longer," has now lost some money due to some powerful white people finding some women to blame him. Last Nov. 15th a model was contacted by a casting agent through her photographer. According to the unidentified woman this was during the summer of ‘82. "I was offered $15,000 cash to discredit and ruin Bill Cosby’s good name. I’m convinced that all the women coming forward have been paid-off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why? He is simply too powerful, his intentions is to empower people of color and his net worth would weaken any man." What she seems to be implying here is that in spite of the criticism by many blacks for what is now known as the "Ghettos-burgh Address," AKA the "Pound Cake Speech," the people behind those asking her to discredit Cos fear that one day those particular blacks manifesting the behaviors he addressed in ‘05 will begin listening to him. This in itself says so much about the forces behind racism. She described the men sent to talk to her.

"I was told to meet the client at the Ritz Carlton for lunch in New York… this client wanted to talk about a film project. I arrived at the Ritz Carlton at 11:30am. Two male clients arrived, a caucasian male (late 30s), and an Asian male (early 50’s). They indicated I’d be perfect for a film project. I was told the project paid $5,000 cash for a modeling job. The job was to meet Bill Cosby and to try to seduce him; It would be part of the script. I was confused by this job request. They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable. My response to them… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet him. They said it was a spontaneous casting call. I have never in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call." The sister said she immediately turned down the job, but they weren’t taking no for an answer. The Asian then offered $10,000 cash upfront and an additional $5,000 for the delivery of some seductive photo and some of his sperm. "I was in shock when they said sperm."

She turned them down, stating that even in the compromising world of modeling, it was a strange request. It was also a rare firsthand experience of black-conspiracy that did not escape her acknowledgement as it would have of others: "I also realized that America has a history of oppressing, killing and destroying successful and poor people of color. I wasn’t going to send this letter to FYM (or Free Your Mind- the agency the letter to her was addressed to), but the media lynching of one of our global icons (Bill Cosby), is simply unacceptable."

Consider any black entertainer reaching the top level of excellence in his field, while maintaining some significant degree of independent thought, to become a target at some point. Space doesn’t permit me to put it to you in the form of a question like Geraldo and Nancy Grace and those people do. Anything past the mark you aimed for regarding black entertainers is learning the business beyond singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, telling jokes, or even being an ordinary producer. Beware of any whites, rich or poor who want you to believe something about blacks just on their word alone, especially when it involves serious criminal activity. Of course there are blacks who do the same thing, but there’s a difference. Rarely do blacks slander whites, just as with crime, blacks are best at lying on each other. It is psychological warfare for whites to lie on blacks, it is one-upmanship for blacks to lie on other blacks.

What is far more sinful to the powerful/wealthy white man beyond just speaking out about his industry being racist (as much as he hates even that)? This is wanting to own the very vehicle that controlled and paid them, and you’re black. Paul Robeson, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, George Clinton, Ronald Isley, Prince, and the biggest example of this; Michael Jackson have all crossed the line with their white masters which made them a threat. This wasn’t a direct threat to wealthy whites, they were in no danger whatsoever. Cosby and those preceding him were threatening to show black consumers how it’s done. These are some of the black icons viewed as having as much knowledge of their entertainment industry equal to or surpassing that of many of the white and/or Jewish power brokers who have long owned or controlled these industries. How could the powerful media continue pitching Elvis and the Beatles as being the greatests, while Michael owned the master-tapes of both of them and then at least a third of Sony records? White people stopped dancing and started investigating and scandalizing quick. If Cosby is guilty I have no problem seeing him prosecuted. If is a big word.

Bill Cosby announces he wants to buy NBC from General Electric. To them all of a sudden he is no longer a very funny fellow. Yes black man, you can be good, even great, sometimes even the greatest. Just don’t try and own our stuff. Let’s consider the possibility that what Dr. Bill Cosby is going through is something a lot of today’s blacks have denied ever existed with White America if we are to believe that anonymous Wilhelmina Model. She sounds at least equally as plausible as Beverly. Truth be told I met Beverly long ago when she returned to visit Buffalo and got a chance to interview her for a national magazine ("About… Time"). In fact I recall meeting Bev and her mom. I say that because the mother seemed very strong and obviously that’s where BJ got it from. Neither one of them exactly come off as victims. Who then is that woman who swigs down a couple hits of spiked-cappuccino from Cos, has the strong will to still stay conscious long enough to call him "you motherf****r" several times, remember it the next day, but refuses to put him on blast? Younger Bev in her heyday had more clout than Anita Hill, and would have had the ear of all the major networks. Yes Bill had a number one show. He was still black. The "Cosby Show" would have come to a screeching halt. The scenario Bev wants us to buy into doesn’t match who many of us think she is. Is her accusation just a simple calling-in a favor to her longtime friend Dickinson or some other powerful show-business investor? Can a strong black woman keep her mouth shut for so long about a narrow-escape of an attempted rape?

All these women didn’t just get violated by Cosby and decide suddenly to come forward with similar-sounding stories and no forensics. We are forced to look at powers behind the women whether we like it or not, even if the women are all telling the truth. 1-Because even if guilty, the timing is racist. 2-Because it can happen to any of us, our children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews. 3-Whomevers black and a budding genius in some industry, whatever black boy or girl who has dreams to fly beyond our ghetto-comprehension, stands to get character-assassinated in the future. Cosby is a threat because of his potential to wake blacks up from the poor attitudes that lead to unproductive-to-destructive behaviors in the black community. It doesn’t matter if some or many of us are upset with him about this, the attack on him is a message to us.

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