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March 11th, 2015

Cosby… Right?

Chris Stevenson

"Either he is a man sinned-against, or a man egregiously sinning"

- Stefan Molyneux

Supermodel/Actress/Entrepreneur Beverly Johnson came out weeks ago with some allegations about comedian/actor William H. Cosby Jr. It’s getting mixed reviews, no middle ground here, especially as evidenced on a post regarding the issue on a Buffalo page on Facebook. You see, Bev is one of us, many of us know her or have met her. For the most part our admiration of her has been based on even though she has gone to Hollywood, she never "went Hollywood" on us.

If she’s telling the truth, I think because it was Cosby, Sands Hotel Cosby, "I Spy" Cosby, Clean Joke-Comedian Cosby, Electric Company Cosby, Fat Albert Cosby, Cliff Huxtable Cosby, "Little Bill" Cosby, she had much higher expectations of him. BJ has money and has been a part of Hollywood forever, she knows all the dirt and probably where the dead bodies are. If it were Suge Knight, David Ruffin, Mike Tyson or even James Brown, she could see their devil’s horns from 10-miles away and probably wouldn’t have even bothered. Or even if they tried something, kept quiet about it because no one would have been surprised. But this was Cosby; America’s dad.

Hollywood doesn’t have a "two-witness" rule like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they don’t have a united religious order like the Catholics that move victims or perverted priests around that works to protect celebrity-rapists. Gossip is cheap, but so are rape kits. Johnson’s account sounds plausible, but nothing is written in stone. Like I told a lady weeks ago, show me the rape kit.

Rape or sexual assault kits are a simple request. What won’t be easy to swallow are the conspiracy theories, and the timing of them. One of my friends messaged me on Facebook: "Police get caught whipping our ass and Killin us on tape.. then suddenly Bill a rapist, or pill-sneaking at best!!!! Maybe even true.. right now ain’t the time... White America very SNEAKY… do we have the time to Worry about who put a Mickey in your drink back in 1965, 1972, 1977, 1986. And Excuse how could a black get away with raping all these women back in the 1960’s and they were petrified and we will still singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ now flash forward Beverly Johnson a Cherry on top of the diabolical sundae ice cream." It can be safely assumed much of those are the words of many.

Others are citing the full version of the Ray Rice video being exposed shortly after the Brown shooting, the one showing the footage inside the elevator where he is shown punching her and she hits the deck unconscious. These proponents say the Ferguson talk experienced a slowdown when that reel was released. Of course the actual Rice incident took place last February.

While we are busy heaping hot coals on either Cosby or his Cosby-girls, a recent phenomena has gone viral while being virtually-ignored by blacks in the wake of the Wilson and Pantaleo no true bills; "#CrimingWhileWhite" This is proof of racial profiling being handed to us by the son’s and daughters of white parents while out-and-about driving or attending events and their markedly less-than-hostile encounters with the police while breaking some law. They would then immediately text the outcome on Twitter because they knew they had just done something that African Americans would not have gotten away with. Aside from the fact that some blacks took offense at this and dismissed the white youths as boasting (It wasn’t, they had just come to a realization and raised objections to it), I saw it as a trump card we shouldn’t be so quick to toss out the window. Let those kids continue on with their "criming while white" tales.

People have noted the almost complete elimination of dialogue demanding bringing the murderers of US Army private first class (PFC) LaVena Johnson to justice. This is one of the most in-your-face examples of major-media complicity and distraction I have ever seen because the networks and all the big talk shows and investigative shows know they could easily devote their budgets towards finding her killer(s), but won’t.

By now with dozens of women accusers, you would think the probability of evidence should have increased with the rise of accusers at some point. That some of these women like Beverly and her highly vocal and obnoxious friend Janice Dickinson can keep themselves on silent-running regarding Cosby’s alleged rape or attempted rape for decades, while complaining about just about everything else, almost defies the laws of physics.

Assuming it’s true that Cosby has done the things these women are accusing him of, as I hinted before it would show a disturbing duality of him that would almost surpass the acts of rapes themselves. It would also reveal an element exists out there even more evil and powerful by far than Bill; that would be whatever powerful entity that is protecting his image, but not powerful enough or willing enough to let him buy NBC. Let’s face it, how can a black comedian succeed in a scandal, while living on the same planet at the same time as Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Herman Caine? What in the Hell is so special about Bill? Essentially just a guy that tells jokes, a TV star since the ‘60’s, but he’s been accused of committing rape during the ‘70’s, ‘80’s, and ‘90’s, but basically none of them said anything until… 2004. You know, 40 years, 30 years, 20 years go by, and they be like ‘oh yeah I almost forgot, by the way Bill Cosby raped me, drugged me, felt me up.’ Some of them are white! Yes Bill was rich back in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, but not wealthy. He had millions, maybe tens of millions, but not hundreds of millions or a billion or two like he is seen today as having.

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