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April 11th, 2012

Cops won’t arrest Zimmerman

Chris Stevenson
Possibly America’s best talk-jock is Joe Madison, AKA “The Black Eagle” (XM’s The Power). Over the past several days he’s been airing an enhanced, unedited breakdown of that infamous 911 call made by George Zimmerman that eventually cost young black teen Trayvon Martin his life. This is the snippet where he is overheard saying the words “f—–g coons.”

An incident that clearly should have resulted in a quick arrest has instead led to a horribly miscalculated local police cover-up made to keep a murder suspect free, and an unexpected outcry and backlash that has given celebrity and attention to a simple-minded, underachieving racist. Zimmerman is the beneficiary of the local Sheriff Billy-Bob, or in this case Police Chief Billy Lee.

Zimmerman was a self-appointed captain of his local neighborhood watch group, which oversaw the same blocks that have allegedly been hit by mostly Black buglers eight times according to a lone supporter of Zimmerman. When it comes to Blacks and numbers in those deep southern states, “mostly” can be an amount open for debate.

A white (and yes, it’s possible to be white and Hispanic at the same time) neighborhood protector with a history of violence against police and a knack for failing criminal justice tests, and whose community watch group isn’t even certified, should carry no credibility against anyone in any incident, especially if he just disobeyed a direct order from police dispatch to stand down. This in itself cancels out any bizarre southern law that justifies self-defense. If Trayvon Martin had shot George Zimmerman in the exact same scenario  it would have attracted a flood of police squad cars, the National Guard, Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

I don’t want to just pick on the south. Malcolm X once said, “stop talking about the south. As long as you south of the Canadian border, you down south.” This fact is no more evident than in one of the towns to the most immediate south in Canada; Buffalo, NY.

In Buffalo, a George Zimmerman would be a major hit downtown. Surely plans would have been made to ensure he answered all questions on the police exam past the spelling of his name correctly. Currently, disputes between blacks and whites that were perpetrated by the whites are immediately mediated by arriving police through an instant barter-system they offer to the black victims: “I can’t arrest him (the white party) without arresting you also.” I have heard of this at least in two separate incidents, one of which I did a story on and even interviewed that precinct’s black Chief, who seemed powerless to stop it.

Knowing that these types of things are going on way up north, it should be no mystery that down in Florida a Billy Lee would go to great lengths to cover up and lie for a loser and see that some officers try to correct statements from witnesses, or state that Zimmerman has a clean record. If Zimmerman were really viewed as Hispanic or Latino, then he would have been arrested right away. In the era of Obama, it bothers many white cops to arrest a white suspect in a Black and white dispute.

When I said earlier that the police department needs idiots, I meant that literally. Another possible reason for their refusal to arrest Zimmerman is that they may have had plans to actually hire him somewhere down the line. That is, until the news and outcry about the shooting and police blunders began to spread nation-wide.
As of this writing Chief Lee has announced that he is resigning, at least temporarily, because his presence has been a distraction to the investigation. The convenience of having a Black City Manager over him is his being less likely to challenge the culture of the department. The burning fact remains that while many of us were watching the NBA All-Star Game, a young brother was needlessly gunned down during halftime. While many of your relatives stepped out for snacks at halftime, Tracy Martin’s son did not return for the beginning of the 2nd half.

It bears mentioning that I am reading vol.1 of Sharon Ewell-Foster’s “The Resurrection of Nat Turner,” a story about unjust treatment and humiliation of Blacks during the early 1830s, and their powerlessness to do anything about it. I would love to say that this is 2012 and we have gotten past all that, but I can’t do it. What would Nat do?

In Nat’s day, it was so easy to get Blacks in trouble. Of course, this was during slavery. Zimmerman’s words during his 911 call demonstrates his personal feeling of how easy it still is to get Blacks in trouble with the police. His mumbled but anxious use of words like “Black,” “drugs,” and “up to no good” recall Suburban Commando innuendo that this writer is not unfamiliar with. Ronald Reagan would have been proud were he not burning in Hell.

Understand that this is a gated community; it was built with the purpose of crime prevention and marketed to upwardly mobile white-flight passengers. Yes, Zimmerman may have caught a burglar or two - even a broken clock is right twice a day. When you call the police dozens of times with complaints about your neighbors, one or two calls will turn out to be accidentally valid.

What would make real police jump to defend this airhead? One person told me it’s the same principle that makes an alcoholic defend an alcoholic; a co-dependency, an understanding between each other. Even if they have not always gotten along with themselves in the past, they understand each other. You (rightfully so) think Zimmerman is an underachieving dork, but they (Bill Lee and members of his police department) think he is a “stand-up guy.” George Zimmerman has a record of domestic abuse - no problem, so do probably a good number of Sanford/Orlando police officers. George likes to fight - good deal, Sanford police probably have a track-record of fighting cops. George don’t like Blacks… no doubt both sides share a deeply-ingrained disregard for Black life.

George wants to join their side, the dark side. He was quoted as saying “I hold law enforcement officers in the highest regard and I hope to one day become one.” Well shoot, boy, it’s only natural that Billy Lee and Co. adopt him as one of their own. I am not casting doubt on the several whites interviewed - other than his father - who have known Zimmerman throughout various points in his life and claim he is not racist. It’s entirely possible he may not have spoken about race with any of them, and even spoken admiringly of a Black athlete or entertainer. The same type of history holds true for many white police officers. But when a situation regarding crime and Blacks enters one’s life, to those operating on urgency and emotion, the only thing they rely on is pure media-driven stereotypes. This has proven to fuel too many decisions, and too many whites are simply not qualified to make those decisions.

If there is any consolation to this whole saga of an innocent Black teen vs. a misguided White/Latino slacker, it is the fact that no police departments - Sanford or otherwise - will ever be able to officially take in George Zimmerman as one of their own.
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Reader Response
  • mixed blood
  • April 12th, 2012 Wow! This is certainly a hostile, very biased writer. I am inclined to believe that he, more than likely, would chase down someone with a gun!

    Reader Response
  • J. Bartlebee
  • April 12th, 2012 Calling George Zimmerman White/Latino or White/Hispanic would be like calling President Obama White/Black (Obama's mother was White).

    Reader Response
  • Bobloblaw
  • April 12th, 2012 Zimmerman never said f-Ing coon. No one talks like that anymore. CNN enhanced the tape and he said f-ing cold. But don't let the truth deter you from a good race pimping story.

    Reader Response
  • MP
  • April 12th, 2012 Any honest person who has carefully listened to the 911 audio will know that Zimmerman did not say coons. Why is this myth still being repeated except to stir up racial hatred? Isn't it time to call off the bloodthirsty mob?

    Reader Response
  • Mario A. Moreno
  • April 11th, 2012 I Myself find Zimmerman calling himself a Latino and/or Hispanic an insult. And anyone who believes those Hollow words of his or even repeats them is as Fake , Hollow & Simple Minded as he is! That Clown has never even used the the words Hispanic or Latino until he Stalked And Murdered That Innocent Young Man! He is as white as white can get. Then he brings that Uncle Tom to try to prove he's not a racist come on open your eyes, But Don't Get It Twisted, That Idiot Is All Of White As His Daddy.

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