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February 29th, 2012

Brewer’s actions towards the President tell a deeper story

Chris Stevenson

Never mind Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s stupid letter, never mind her stupid book; it’s the finger that Blacks across the country read the best. Maybe because, to many of us, it says the most. When she confronted President Obama recently as he got off a plane in Arizona and pointed her finger in his face, it only became the latest in a long line of fingers pointed at Obama over the past three years.

The racial implications of this run deep. A White woman on the job force sticking her finger in a Black man’s face - regardless of whether or not she outranks him - has a racial connotation that still exists today. I’ve had local Black police officers tell me stories of White female officers sticking their fingers in the face of Black male officers. My immediate response to these stories is usually, "don’t the brothers have a finger too?"

I mention the police department because in various cities around the nation they are the last agencies that can more or less still practice old southern-style racism pretty much the way they did back in the 1950s. Still, it’s a White male’s vocation - White females were just beneficiaries of their men’s brutal ideas economically. For White females on the police force today, the easy way to be seen as "one of the guys" is to emulate their overbearing, over-officious male counterparts.

Brewers’ claim of feeling "threatened" is really an abuser’s perpetrator/victim tactic that is quite common today. The GOP has been using it the past couple decades under the tutelage of their local and national talk radio grunts. The purpose is this: after taking your dignity, they will soon attempt to steal your victim status by claiming to be the one victimized themselves. This is the standpoint Brewer is coming from when she compares illegal immigration to terrorism. The crater-faced, nervous-smiling Caucasian woman probably never thought to look within her own household for terrorism. She has a son (Ronald) convicted of raping a Phoenix woman over two decades ago. He has been declared criminally insane and is serving time in a mental hospital. One wonders how many criminally insane Black or brown rapists from Arizona are roughing it in some federal penitentiary?

Yes sir, Brewer is one of the "good old boys" of Arizona, and all the finger waving is her way of showing that she’s got their back. Brewer’s fingers signed the dreaded SB 1070 into law. After this she signed another law which states that no teacher is allowed to teach English if they have an accent.

Understand, of course, that the word "accent" is strictly relative. I mean, how do you justify that without being a racist? Now, as far as calling illegal immigration terrorism, as I wrote before, I am forced to defer to the Native Americans.

Should we view Brewer’s world view with such a narrow scope that her maiden name (Drinkwine) is more than just a name? One thing is for certain: when Republicans begin talking about "family values," we should probably demand to see their family’s criminal record.

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