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March 30th, 2016

Positive Changes are Happening in Newburgh

After reading the article “Officials Seek Legislation to Fight Opioid Epidemic” that was published on March 16, 2016, I was thrilled to see that positive changes were coming for Newburgh. Most people only know negative things about Newburgh because that is all they see or hear about. Opioids have become a big problem among our young adults and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans to pass a law to set guidelines for the issuing of opioids for treating acute pain. It would be called The Preventing Overprescribing for Pain Act.

This is definitely a great idea because so many people in this day and age overdose on drugs and many times it is from over the counter or prescribed drugs. In the article a woman named Renee Hustin had a son who was 24 and died of an overdose. The pills he used were from his doctor and she added that they were not hard for him to get either. The doctors do not ask as many questions as they should.

The doctors of our generation are very money hungry. They are so quick to prescribe medication to people that may not need them.This way they don’t have to do as much work like finding other alternatives for the patient or talking to them and finding the actual root to their problems. They just get paid to see their patients. A doctor’s visit does not last as long as they used to. You spend more time waiting for the doctor to arrive to your room than them actually assisting you.

Of course on the other hand it could just depend on one’s character whether they overdose or not. They probably would find it on their own even if they were not offered it by their doctors. This act would obviously cost money which may hinder the pockets of many of the town residents. Many people may not want this passed for this mere reason. Also it may change or take away medication from people. That also could be a major issue.

Even though this would take some adjusting I think the community would definitely benefit from it. The only way the community will get better is if people start to try to make changes. The reputation of this town has become very bad and older people who know how it used to be claim it was so different. It was thriving and the community was more inviting. If they ever want it to go back to that beautiful place then everyone has to be open to change.

Denika Dixon

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