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October 28th, 2015

Newbugh Mayoral Race

Recently, I received a flyer in the mail from the campaign office of Jonathan Jacobson. In the text, he stated, along with a picture of him standing next to Hillary Clinton, that he would not need to wear a name tag when visiting Albany, implying that Mayor Kennedy lacks such “clout”.

Photo ops with politicians are a dime as dozen and in his office as chairman of the local and county Democratic Committees it would not have been unusual to have a photo taken with a New York politician.
Voters in Newburgh should know very well that Mayor Judy Kennedy needs no name tag or introduction when she visits Albany. During her entire tenure as mayor, she has visited the capital on numerous occasions working hard for Newburgh and its improvement. I think her record speaks for itself and her accomplishments put those of Mr. Jacobson, while serving as Democratic chairman, to shame.  Has Mr. Jacobson been seen much in Newburgh? At city council meetings, yes, but then his responses have most often been either negative or incorrect as when he made clearly incorrect references to the new zoning laws. He should have been better informed.

Let the record speak for itself and let us hope that the city of Newburgh voters are sensible enough to reelect our incumbent mayor, Judy Kennedy.

Yaakov Sullivan

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