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March 1st, 2017

Head Start Presents “Mad Hatter Show”

A’Nire Brady, Arianna Paez and Emalyn Paez pose for a photo after the Mad Hatter Show at Head Start in Scotchtown.
SCOTCHTOWN – Students at Head Start in Scotchtown presented a “Mad Hatter Show” for parents on Thursday, February 16, 2017 as they finished an educational unit on clothing. Students explored sensory variety while creating hats from paper shopping bags and decorated them with paint, feathers, satin, pompoms, and other adornments. The show incorporated musical instruments, singing, dancing, and a limbo dance contest.

“The children created unique hats as part of our clothing study,” said Teacher Colleen Hughson. “They were given a brown grocery bag and various art supplies. Each hat was modeled during a parade with instruments and colorful scarves. Parents were invited to this super exciting event. Many came to join in the fun with a dance party to follow.”

The show was the last project of the unit. Other activities included creating a “shopping list” collage from magazine images. The class created a handmade loom to demonstrate the journey of wool from its animal source to becoming a textile we wear. Students shared a makeshift needle to manipulate yarn into patterns. 

“They all really enjoyed working on their hats and were very proud to display them. It was a joy to watch,” said Center Liaison Luisa Scott.

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