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February 15th, 2017

Global Students Complete Courses at MSMC

Top: More than 60 international scholars completed a three-week business course at Mount Saint Mary College on January 26, 2017. Bottom: MSMC professors and staff said they were proud of the international students’ scholastic ability. Left to right: Ashley Knox, director of international programs; Tracy Niemotko, accounting professor and School of Business chair; Moira Tolan, business professor and School of Business graduate program coordinator; Peter Gregory, visiting assistant professor of business; and Aldo Brunhara, institutional relations director for International Business pose for a photo.
NEWBURGH - More than 60 students from across the globe completed a three-week business course at Mount Saint Mary College on Thursday, January 26.

Through the International Business School – São Paulo and the Mount’s Office of International Programs, the college’s School of Business hosted the scholars, who learned standard U.S. business practices. Hailing from a dozen different countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Hungary, and Colombia, the scholars began taking marketing, English, and business courses at the Mount on January 9, after arriving to the campus on January 7.

In addition to regular classes, the international students enjoyed panel discussions lead by local entrepreneurs and visited leading area businesses, including the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. The IBM trip was facilitated by Charles Frank, chair of the Mount Saint Mary College Board of Directors. “Every one of you has the potential to be a great leader,” said Frank to the international students.

On the weekends, the scholars soaked up American culture by visiting landmarks in New York City and beyond. Many students from warmer climates also experienced snow for the first time while studying at the Mount.

The graduation ceremony was streamed online, allowing friends and family of the international scholars to view the event live.

Orange County Executive and Mount grad Steven Neuhaus ’96, a guest speaker at the graduation, encouraged the students to “never quit” on their careers.

“Strive to get the job you want, because at the end of the day, to be happy is the most important thing for you, your friends, and your family,” Neuhaus said. “The best way to learn is to overcome your struggles.”

According to Ashley Knox, director of international programs at the Mount, the courses helped prepare the international students to be employed in the global market.

“It’s been such a marvelous three weeks with you all,” said Knox. “I’m very impressed with your drive to learn, your career goals, and your proficiency in the English language. …You have what it takes to be amazing business people. It’s been an inspiring experience for all of us.”

Aldo Brunhara of Brazil, institutional relations director for International Business School, was proud of the scholars’ accomplishments.

“They are outstanding students,” he said. “They learned a lot about how to do business in America, globalization, project management, finance, and strategic thinking.”

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