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March 19th, 2014

Heritage Hosts 8th Annual Science Fair

The 8th Annual Saturnelli Science Fair, named in honor of former NECSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Annette Saturnelli at Heritage Middle School.

Heritage Middle School recently hosted an exciting event that encourages students to think like young scientists, the 8th Annual Saturnelli Science Fair, named in honor of former NECSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Annette Saturnelli.

Over 225 projects were entered by students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades and ranged in topics from bio-engineering, behavioral and social sciences, microbiology, chemistry, plant sciences, medicine and health sciences, cellular and molecular biology, electrical and mechanical engineering, to name but a few. Over the course of several months, students designed science projects that use the scientific method to solve a problem: identifying a problem, developing a hypothesis, designing an experiment, analyzing their data and making a conclusion based on that data. Students developed skills in writing, oral presentation, creative thinking, and problem solving. Students were judged on the quality of their work, as revealed by their written and oral presentations.

"What an exciting year for us here at Heritage, as eight of our young scientists will be representing Heritage Middle School this year at the Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY," explained Heritage Middle School Science Teacher Aileen Toback. Quality research from the Junior Division (grades 6-8) will be chosen to compete in the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) State Science Congress and the new National Broadcom competition.

The following students will be representing Heritage Middle School this year:

Jack Workman- Wind turbine design, What blade design will produce the most electricity?

Ryan Danyluk - Bridge design, Building bridges with good tensile strength at the lowest possible cost.

Lane Dingwell- Does homemade biodegradable soap kill bacteria as effectively as commercial soap?

Halana Desiervo- DNA Fingerprinting, Comparing the amount of DNA that can be extracted from various fruits.

Ryan Wing - How does temperature effect the electricity output of solar cells?

Riddi Patel - How does ph effect the rate of corrosion of metals?, Acid rain analysis.

Kai Cutino - Ozone Generator

Kaley Ortiz- The Effect of Herbs and Spices on Bacteria.

The eight students will continue on with their research at Mount Saint Mary College, working with their faculty and student body to develop their hypothesis more deeply, extend their experimental procedures, collect more data all while gaining real laboratory experience.

Students from Mount Saint Mary College as well as Newburgh Free Academy’s Science Honor Society served as judges for the science fair. "These judges did a phenomenal job, ensuring that the judging process was fair and that it was a positive experience for our junior scientists," explained Toback.

This year’s winners are as follows:

8th Grade

1st Place Lane Dingwell, Environmentally Safe Antibacterial Soap Alternatives

2nd Place John Workman, Wind Works

3rd Place Abigail McMillan, Apple Rotting: How Do Wrappings Affect?

8th Grade Honorable Mentions

Killian Arthurs

Gabbi Leggett

Jianna Petrilli

Nicholas White

Ryan Wing

7th Grade

1st Place Marc Alberti, Seek Your Teeth Into This!

2nd Place Mathew A. Stridiron, Aerodynamic Flight

3rd Place Logan Marillo, Estimated Accuracy by Age Group

7th Grade Honorable Mentions

Zachariah Smith

Conner Leggett

Christine Flores

Andrew McDonald

Mitchell Levy

6th Grade

1st Place Sergio Morales, Aquaponics

2nd Place George Eliads, Kool Khemistry

3rd Place Naomi Phemister, Ethylene at Work

6th Grade Honorable Mentions

Zain Jafar

Marcus Benegas

Ashley Strack

Edward Metzler

Lucas Mullarkey

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