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May 15th, 2008

SLCH April 2008 Arrivals

April 2008

Lozano, a Boy, Fausto Arturo, born April 2, to Kimberly Shue and Fausto Lozano of Newburgh.


Johns, a Girl, Breanna Elizabeth, born April 3, to Gwynne and Paul Johns of Newburgh.


Rodriguez, a Boy, Alexander Joseph, born April 3, to Tiffany Padgett and Orlando Rodriguez of Montgomery.


Walters, a Boy, Jamir Javion, born April 5, to Nichole Walters of Newburgh.


Santiago, a Boy, Jayden Robert, born April 5, to Sheri Kozlowski and Francisco Santiago of Newburgh.


Tobin, a Boy, James Ryan, born April 5, to Daniel Mulé and James Tobin of Newburgh.


Bennett, a Girl, Zyeyari Clarita, born April 6, to Priscilla McLean and Kevin Bennett of Newburgh.


Bonilla, a Boy, Isrial Jose, born April 7, to Nancy Valentin and Moises Bonilla of Newburgh.


Chick, a Boy, Paxton John, born April 7, to Elizabeth and Kyle Chick of Newburgh.


Fuentes, a Girl, Jasmine, born April 7, to Yessica and Humberto Fuentes of Harriman.


Morales, a Girl, Chase Catherine, born April 7, to Junnie Willden and Paul Morales Jr. of Marlboro.


Acampora, a Girl, Brianna Marchella, born April 8, to Anna Romero and Ferdinand Acampora of Highland.


Gillespie, a Girl, Gabrielle Giovanna, born April 8, to Kelly Kramer and Robert Gillespie of Newburgh.


Pagliaro, a Girl, Lluvia Jubilee, born April 8, to Erica Silvestri and Matthew Pagliaro of Newburgh.


Waitley, a Girl, Marloni LeeVerdia, born April 8, to Charlise Waitley of Newburgh.


Yacab, a Girl, Natalia Celeste, born April 8, to Nicole Maisonet and Emanuel Yacab of Beacon.


Steiner, a Girl, Sadie Elaine, born April 9, to Caimien and Christopher Steiner of Cornwall-on-Hudson.


Peters, a Boy, Le Yohn Caleb, born April 10, to JoAnna Howard and Leon Peters of Newburgh.


Arias, a Girl, Angelina Desiree, born April 11, to Francia Villavicencio and Kenneth Arias of Newburgh.


Bonner, a Girl, Samiyah Destiny, born April 11, to Tacondria Dodson and Oshane Bonner of Newburgh.


Martino, a Girl, Riley Grace, born April 11, to Kelly McQuiston and David Martino of New Windsor.


Quinlan, a Girl, Sophia Rose, born April 11, to Tina and Craig Quinlan of Montgomery.


Cullen, a Boy, Thomas Martin, born April 12, to Michele and Patrick Cullen.


Carrero, a Boy, Max Elijah, born April 15, to Jahnise Martinez and Max Carrero of Newburgh.


Hargrove, a Boy, Ja’leel Maurice, born April 15, to Nakeeda Waddell and Grodon Hargrove of Newburgh.


Hines, a Boy, Jayden Nicholas, born April 15, to Gina Bedetti and Brandon Hines of New Windsor.


Lopez, a Girl, Julia Michele, born April 15, to Rebecca Jacobsen and William Lopez Jr. of Newburgh.


Sanchez, a Girl, Mikaela Sophia, born April 15, to Jasmine Santos and Rigoberto Sanchez of Beacon.


Lujan, a Boy, Jovani Ismael, born April 16, to Illene Guzman and Paulo Lujan of Newburgh.


Parton, a Girl, Jacey Nicole, born April 16, to Kristy Parton of Walden.


Wilson, a Girl, Kenya Elizabeth, born April 16, to Jennifer and Mitchell Wilson of Newburgh.


Bryant, a Girl, Sari Sheila, born April 17, to Kenata Gumbs and Sukeem Bryant of Newburgh.


Daley, a Boy, Naquane Amell, born April 17, to Anquana Green and Nickel Daley of Newburgh.


Fowler, a Boy, Jayden Tyreem, born April 17, to Kathleen Zaccaro and Tyreem Fowler of Newburgh.


Jones, a Girl, Maya Elizabeth, born April 17, to Alexandria Kilgore and Monte Jones of Newburgh.


Buie, a Boy, Landen Alexander, born April 18, to Monique Turnbough and Anthony Buie of Newburgh.


Edwards, a Boy, Cé-kii Natif-Octavious, born April 18, to Tiana Edwards of Newburgh.


Cammarata, a Boy, Justin Gregory, born April 21, to Karen Nordahl and Chris Cammarata of Newburgh.


Mann, a Girl, Veronica Jolene, born April 21, to Natasha and T.J. Mann of Newburgh.


Hassan, a Girl, Amira Nina, born April 23, to Sarah Hassan of Newburgh.


Giorgianni, a Boy, Marcel, born April 24, to Carline and Salvatore Giorgianni of Highland Falls.


Cloke, a Boy, Alexander John, born April 25, to Heather Viscardo and Daniel Cloke of Middletown.


Handel, a Girl, Deanna May, born April 25, to Kathleen Connolly and Timothy Handel of Newburgh.


Puetz, a Boy, Paulie Edward-William, born April 25, to Sherry Puetz of Wallkill.


McGorman, a Boy, Evan Christopher, born April 25, to Jennifer and Brian McGorman of Newburgh.


Lahoz, a Boy, Cristian Abel, born April 26, to Dawn Gray and Claudio Lahoz of Newburgh.


Melendez, a Boy, Isaiah, born April 46, to Enyd Collazo and Carlos Melendez of Newburgh.


Ramos, a Boy, Kaleb Omar, born April 28, to Lorena Ortiz and Omar Ramos of New Windsor.

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