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March 18th, 2008

SLCH February 2008 Arrivals

February 2008

Breland, a Girl, Jayla Nyreese, born February 1, to Sherrice and Terron Breland of Newburgh.

Foust, a Girl, Hailey Ann, born February 1, to Tricia and Randy Foust, Jr. of Warwick.

Stoner, a Girl, Neyli Elizabeth, born February 1, to Sifa and Christopher Stoner of New Windsor.

Akers, a Girl, Raylene Mary, born February 2, to Yulissa and Anthony Akers of Salisbury Mills.

Johnson, a Girl, Forever Mine, born February 2, to Catherine Swartz of Newburgh.

Riglioni, a Girl, Hailey Mia, born February 4, to Jessica Shue and Jason Riglioni of Newburgh.

Romaine, a boy, Benjamin Ryan, born February 4, to Deanna and Timothy Romaine of New Windsor.

Simpson, a Girl, Cindy Lee Marie, born February 4, to Cindy Weber and Randy Simpson of Newburgh.

St. Hilaire, a Girl, Kabreah Naomie, born February 4, to Te’ona Graham of Newburgh.

Hundley, a Girl, McKayla Lynn, born February 6, to Nicole Hundley of Pine Bush.

Rose, a Boy, Christopher Wade, born February 6, to Mary Ann and Roger Rose, Jr. of Wallkill.

Yeagley, a Girl, Savanna Marie, born February 6, to Marie Yeagley of Newburgh.

Bobadilla, a Boy, Mason Douglas, born February 7, to Daion and Cesar Bobadilla of Walden.

Del Castello, a Girl, Gianna Marie, born February 7, to Shawna and Paul Del Castello of Walden.

Hagen, a Girl, Reminise NaJee Kathleen, born February 7, to Adria Hagen.

Potter, a Girl, Allison Mickayla, born February 7, to Jennifer and Scott Potter of New Windsor.

Reyes Miele, a Girl, Victoria Patricia, born February 7, to Vanessa Reyes and Nicholas Miele of Newburgh.

Zachary, a Girl, Harmoni Inez, born February 7, to Taranae Zachary of Newburgh.

Bellardino, a Girl, Sofia Maria, born February 8, to Sandra and John Belladino of Newburgh.

Pawson, a Girl, Grace Hannah, born February 8, to Arlene and William Pawson III of Wallkill.

Rita, a Girl, Madelyn Rose, born February 8, to Robin and Nelson Rita of Monroe.

Ufret, a Boy, Jayden Everett, born February 8, to Alyssa Gonzalez and Ryan Ufret of Newburgh.

Fenton, a Boy, Matthew Christopher, born February 9, to Bonnie and Frederic Fenton of Cornwall.

Humphrey, a Girl, Ella Margaret, born February 9, to Christine and Eric Humphrey of Pine Bush.

Schoonmaker, a Boy, Jordin Samuel, born February 9, to Morgan Magnifico and Kenneth Schoonmaker of Newburgh.

Williams, a Girl, Hayden Marie, born February 10, to Jennifer and Lawrence Williams Jr. of Montgomery.

Altaf, a Boy, Aryan Akram, born February 11, to Nafeeza and Saqib Altaf of new Windsor.

Arriaga, a Boy, Jesus, born February 11, to Maria Flores and Jesus Arriaga of Newburgh.

Lindsay, a Boy, Jaden Kahslii, born February 11, to Shataia Lindsay of Newburgh.

Martelli, a Girl, Bianca Noelle, born February 11, to Loren and Francesco Martelli of Cornwall.

Quist, a Boy, Trever Benjamin, born February 11, to Jacqueline and Jeffrey Quist of Walden.

Williams, a Girl, Dora Mary, born February 11, to Lovezella Bartholomew of Newburgh.

Campbell, a Boy, Brian Thomas Jr., born February 12, to Maria and Brian Campbell of Fort Montgomery.

Read, a Girl, Abigail Jessica, born February 12, to Alexandra Gravina and Shaun Read of Rock Tavern.

Rumsey, a Girl, Jillian Marie, born February 12, to Jessica and Frank Rumsey III, of New Paltz.

Wender, a Girl, Grace Emily, born February 12, to Kathryn and Mickey Wender of West Point.

Zarate, a Girl, Lyric Samaya, born February 12, to Suzanne and Manuel Zarate of Middletown.

Ardon, a Girl, Aislin Saneth, born February 13, to Claudia and Benito Ardon of Newburgh.

Williams-Smith, a Boy, Zion Christopher Maurice, born February 13, to Shavon Williams and Andrew Smith of Newburgh.

Dauphin, a Boy, Noah Alexander, born February 14, to Jessica Andino and Lubotes Dauphin of New Windsor.

McDonald, a Girl, Trinity Star, born February 14, to Lisa McDonald of New Windsor.

Babcock, a Boy, Robert Paul, born February 18, to Hilda Padilla of Newburgh.

Caldara, a Girl, Isabel Danielle, born February 18, to Gillian Vandenberg and Daniel Caldara of New Windsor.

Mitchell, a Boy, William James III, born February 18, to Anabelle and William Mitchell Jr. of Newburgh.

Gravel, a Girl, Madison Eva, born February 19, to Jeanne and Christopher Gravel of Newburgh.

Arce, a Girl, Ariana Ava, born February 21, to Tenecha Lopez and Joseph Arce of Manhattan.

Foster, a Boy, Jayden Thomas, born February 21, to Jennifer Foster of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Faubert, a Girl, Emilia Rose, born February 22, to Kendel and Neal Faubert of New Windsor.

Harrison, a Boy, Elijah Micia, born February 22, to Precious Jacobs and Frank Harrison of Newburgh.

Olivia, a Boy, Daniel Thomas, born February 22, to Aleena Irie and Daniel Olivia of Highland Falls.

Caipa, a Girl, Isabella Antonia, born February 23, to Melissa Tripoli and Diego Caipa of Newburgh.

Johnson, a Boy, Daijon Sincere, born February 23, to Daneya Crosby of Newburgh.

Shilts, a Girl, Kristy Lynn, born February 23, to Jill Hunziker Shilts and Arthur Shilts of Newburgh.

Hamilton, a Boy, Rashawn Roy, born February 24, to Maribel Moore and Roy Hamilton of Newburgh.

McCluskey, a Boy, Frederick Brian Jr., born February 24, to Stephanie Veeder and Frederick McCluskey of Marlboro.

Warner, a Girl, Anastasia Maire, born February 24, to Ashley Warner of Newburgh.

Gayle, a Girl, Ava Alexia, born February 26, to Deborah Durante and Corey Gayle of New Windsor.


Pierce, a Girl, Nua’Tej Cerees, born February 26, to Jetaum Hardy and Vincent Pierce of Newburgh.


Cummings, a Boy, Nysiah Elisha, born February 27, to Chante Spearman of Newburgh.


Bilyou, a Girl, Miabelle Grace, born February 28, to Lisa and Marc Bilyou of New Windsor.


Molina, a Boy, Noe Gamaliel, born February 28, to Maria Rodriguez and Noe Molina of Newburgh.


Belle, a Girl, Lilliana Nicole, born February 29, to Lauren and Pierre Belle of New Windsor.


Brown, a Girl, Davia Amoi’, born February 29, to LaQuiea Powell of Newburgh.


deCastro, a Boy, Alexander Paul, born February 29, to Andrea and Mark deCastro of Wallkill.


Floyd, a Boy, Justin Elijah, born February 29, to Monica Lopera and George Floyd of Washingtonville.


Krakowka, a Girl, Sophie Elizabeth, born February 29, to Amy and Andrew Krakowka of Cornwall.


Squillante, a Girl, Isabella Sophia, born February 29, to Brett and Charles Squillante of Wallkill.

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