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December 15th, 2007

November 2007 SLCH Arrivals

November 2007 Arrivals

Daley, a Boy, Michael Charles, born November 01, to Donna and Michael Daley of Wallkill.

Vanzetta, a Boy, Dominick Joseph, born November 01, to Stephanie and Mario Vanzetta of Highland Falls.

Gonzalez, a Girl, Lacey Marie, born November 02, to Jeanne Kayes and Angel Gonzalez of Wallkill.

Mann, a Boy, Michael Craig, born November 03, to Tanya Rhode and Clarence Mann of Walden.

Niejadlik, a Girl, Sofia Mercedeez, born November 03, to Nicole Devito and Ralph Niejadlik of New Windsor.

Reed, a Boy, Ahmad Me’hki, born November 03, to Charlene and DeNorris Reed Sr. of Newburgh.

Aquino, a Boy, Brian, born November 04, to Mirna Alcocer and Diego Aquino of Newburgh.

Hernandez, a Boy, John Carlos, born November 04, to Elia Santiago Hernandez and Arturo Hernandez of Newburgh.

Thorpe, a Boy, James Sylvester IV, born November 04, to Arreda Cotten and James Thorpe III of Newburgh.

Destefano, a Boy, Danilo Julian, born November 05, to Cristina and Freddy Destefano of Gardiner.

Lazio, a Girl, Olivia Grace, born November 05, to Jean and Jason Lazio of Pine Bush.

Rivera, a Girl, Isabella Noel, born November 05, to Teresa and Arthur Rivera of Wappingers Falls.

Varela, a Boy, Fernando, born November 05, to Maribel Guerrero and Jaime Varela of Newburgh.

Wu, a Boy, Andrew Li-Xian, born November 05, to Jing fang Li and Kang jian Wu of New Windsor.

Pruitt, a Girl, Fiona Grace, born November 06, to Fawn Stantial and David Pruitt of Newburgh.

Scopteuolo-Rosen, a Girl, Leah Amanda, born November 06, to Robyn Scopteuolo-Rosen and Alexander Rosen of Washingtonville.

Skrobanski, a Boy, Andrew Michael, born November 06, to Erin and Andrew Skrobanski of Middletown.

Amici, a Girl, Julianna Rose, born November 08, to Rosemarie and Mark Amici of New Windsor.

Mathews, a Girl, Addison Rachel, born November 08, to Arlene and Joseph Mathews of New Windsor.

Burch, a Boy, Rei Michael, born November 09, to Nancy Rodriquez and Christopher Burch of New Windsor.

Cruz, a Boy, David Jessiel, born November 09, to Pamela Mendez and Jose Cruz of Newburgh.

Herbin, a Girl, Nakayla Ann, born November 09, to Jacqueline and Nathaniel Herbin of Newburgh.

Balbuena, a Girl, Jacklyn Cristal, born November 10, to Yesenia Ochoa and Eduardo Balbuena of Newburgh.

Murphy, a Girl, Alyson Rose, born November 10, to Denise and Roger Murphy of Newburgh.

Cotten, a Girl, Isabella Elleiana, born November 11, to Kaylyn Fadden and Joseph Cotten of Newburgh.

Hernandez, a Boy, Daniel, born November 11, to Martha Flores and Gamaliel Hernandez of Newburgh.

Resto, a Girl, Alanna Jade, born November 12, to Autumn Vitek and Joshua Resto of Hopewell Junction.

Guerrero, a Girl, Brianna, born November 13, to Guadalupe and Alfonso Guerrero of Newburgh.

Weckeman, a Boy, Teghan Peter, born November 13, to Michelle Orsino and Sean Weckeman of Marlboro.

Greene, a Boy, Davion Angel, born November 14, to Brynn Dyer and Damian Greene of Newburgh.

McCall, a Girl, Avery Joan, born November 14, to Sarah Merli and Michael McCall of Wallkill.

Zachary, a Boy, Ka’sii Kaileek Stephon, born November 14, to Shaquanda Brown and Nigel Zachary of Newburgh.

Morales, a Boy, Anthony Allen, born November 15, to Stacey Barley and Roy Morales of Newburgh.

Mugnano, a Girl, Gianna Megan, born November 15, to Stephanie McNamee and Andrew Mugnano of Walden.

Cordero, a Boy, Alexander, born November 16, to Sonia and Marcos Cordero of Newburgh.

Figueroa, a Boy, Izaiah Julian, born November 16, to Maria Figueroa of Newburgh.

Reyes-Romero, a Girl, Ashley, born November 16, to Deysi Romero and Jesus Reyes of Wallkill.

Szymanski, a Boy, Brayden James, born November 16, to Alyson and Matthew Szymanski of New Windsor.

Herrera, a Boy, Joan Luis, born November 17, to Leticia Posadas and Humberto Herrera of Newburgh.

Myrick, a Boy, Tywan Melik Jr., born November 17, to Crystal Bollander and Tywan Myrick of Newburgh.

Boone, a Boy, Jarrid Earl Jr., born November 19, to Martina Lowery and Jarrid Boone of Newburgh.

Beck, a Boy, Daniel Anthony, born November 20, to Aubrey Hall and Dayton Beck III of Rock Tavern.

Bermejo, a Girl, Kailey Victoria, born November 20, to Cruz Romero and Narciso Bermejo of Newburgh.

Crinieri, a Girl, Sophia Grace, born November 20, to Amanda and Stephen Crinieri of Highland.

Leal, a Boy, Isaac, born November 20, to Veronica Pinzon and Teodoro Leal of Newburgh.

Orndorff, a Girl, Ava Angela, born November 20, to Alisa and Craig Orndorff of Walden.

Rodriguez, a Girl, LeeAnn Danniel, born November 21, to April Lekakis of Newburgh.

Baez, a Boy, Jayden Javier, born November 22, to Tamara Miranda of Newburgh.

Balfe, a Boy, Brandon Irving, born November 22, to Stacey Butler and Dean Balfe of Cornwall.

Costain, a Girl, Taylor Kathryn, born November 22, to Kristen and Kevin Costain of Newburgh.

Santos, a Girl, Jennifer Anahy, born November 22, to Isabel and Javier Santos of Newburgh.

Beckford, a Boy, Khalil Shamar O’Maury, born November 23, to Kathrina Russ and Wilfred Beckford of Newburgh.

Lugo, a Boy, D’Armani Romeo, born November 23, to Coral Palmer of Newburgh.

Boyd, a Boy, Tyler James, born November 24, to Tammi and Todd Boyd of Wallkill.

Mullarkey-O’Banks, a Boy, Nolan Wolfgang, born November 24, to Elizabeth Mullarkey and Brian O’Banks of Walden.

Davila, a Girl, Jasmine Lynn, born November 25, to Kristen Arceri and Hector Davila of Newburgh.

Ramirez, a Girl, Mia, born November 26, to Ana Flores and Hugo Ramirez of Newburgh.

Balcombe, a Boy, Brady Mosse, born November 26, to Jaclyn McCormick and Brian Balcombe of New Windsor.

Collins, a Girl, Kyra Anne, born November 27, to Heiddy and Thomas Collins of Newburgh.

Martin Martinez, a Girl, Ann-Marie, born November 27, to Katty Martinez and Cesar Martin of Newburgh.

a Boy, Devin Jack, born November 28, to Michelle Krug and Philip Punch of Newburgh.

Da Cunha, a Girl, Cassandra Elisabete, born November 29, to Sara and Vitor da Cunha of Newburgh.

Moore, a Girl, De’yani Adoro Amina, born November 29, to Tunaya Neil of Newburgh.

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