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October 15th, 2007

September 2007 SLCH Arrivals

September 2007

Font, a Girl, Adrianna Lela, born September 01, to Shannon and David Font of Middletown.

Hernandez, a Boy, Jhonatan Jose, born September 01, to Maritza Hernandez of Newburgh.

Schoonmaker-Marron, a Boy, Owen Brody, born September 01, to Jordan Schoonmaker of Walden.

Seager, a Girl, Isabella Sophia, born September 01, to Jessica and Jared Seager of Newburgh.

Soler, a Girl, Solana Maria, born September 01, to Kristla Wingo and Joel Soler of Newburgh.

Hoffman, a Boy, John Arthur Jr., born September 04, to Crystal Van Wagner and John Hoffman of Walden.

Terio, a Boy, Darrell Andrew, born September 04, to Nicole and Raymond Terio of Highland Falls.

Brickley, twin Girls, Angeline Marie and Lilian Sei Young, born September 05, to Jenny and Raymond Brickley of Walden.

DiGiovanni, a Boy, Aaron Matthew, born September 05, to Sandra and Paul DiGiovanni of Pine Bush.

Gonzalez, a Boy, Freddy Adrian, born September 05, to Deisy Dominguez and Freddy Gonzalez of Newburgh.

Williams, a Girl, Natalie Jade, born September 05, to Renee Terwilliger and Joseph Williams of Walden.

Garcia, a Boy, Diego Cristopher, born September 06, to Maria Lozano and Joel Garcia of Newburgh.

Herrera, a Girl, Alvert Rodrigo, born September 06, to Sara Posadas and Humberto Herrera of Newburgh.

Johnson, a Girl, Terane’e Asia, born September 06, to Tamina Owens and Terence Johnson of Newburgh.

Rivera, a Boy, George Enrique III, born September 06, to Maureen and George Rivera Jr. of Wallkill.

Depew, Twin Girls, Tabitha Jewel and Victoria Rose, born September 07, to Sharon Hinkle and Ralph Depew III of Newburgh.

King, a Boy, Tillmen Mahki, born September 07, to Jamie Melvin and Richard King of Newburgh.

McDonald, a Girl, Grace Murdock, born September 07, to Christine and Robert McDonald of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Diggs, a Girl, Ma’kyra Ranae, born September 09, to Synquis Rivers and Maurice Diggs of Newburgh.

Lyons, a Girl, Tabbietha Rose, born September 09, to Jacklyn and Michael Lyons of New Windsor.

McElheny, a Girl Makayla Sioux, born September 09, to Nancy and Shane McElheny of Newburgh.

Mendoza, a Girl, Maurisse Marjolaine, born September 09, to Araceli Mendoza of Newburgh.

Greak, a Girl, Talia Michele, born September 10, to Rosalie and Daniel Greak of Wallkill.

Fredrick, a Boy, Jackson David, born September 13, to Melissa Hurd and Matthew Fredrick of Newburgh.

Honrado, a Girl, Jianna Marie, born September 13, to Jeanette and Richard Honrado of Montgomery.

Miles, a Boy, Quincy Leghett, born September 13, to Stephanie Cruell and Quentin Miles of Highland Falls.

Lamb, a Boy, Jakari Trenton, born September 14, to Melissa Jackson and Jerrick Lamb of Newburgh.

McDonnell, a Boy, Ian William, born September 14, to Maricel and Brian McDonnell of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Rodriguez, a Boy, Brandon Russell, born September 14, to Rose Post and Bernabe Rodriguez of Newburgh.

Smith, a Boy, Eugene Tony Jr., born September 14, to Lisa Smith of Milton.

Fernandez, a Girl, Adriana Diane, born September 15, to Stacy Chain and Alvin Fernandez of Ellenville.

Rosen, a Girl, Precious Vivianna, born September 15, to Jasmine Vazquez and Alvin Rosen of the Bronx.

DeGroodt, a Girl, Loretta Carolyn, born September 17, to Mary and Edward DeGroodt of Walden.

Kirkpatrick, a Boy, Harrison David, born September 17, to Cristina and Brendon Kirkpatrick of Cornwall.

Lester, a Boy, Michael Duane, born September 17, to Nicole Snyder and Benjamin Lester of Wallkill.

Quimby, a Girl, Keira Anne, born September 17, to Kim and Drew Quimby of Cornwall.

Bernard, a Boy, Carlos Manuel, born September 18, to Katiana Henry and Epifanio Bernard of Newburgh.

Hayes, a Girl, Iyana Janay, born September 18, to Jacquetta Underwood and Lawrence Hayes of Newburgh.

Sochocky, a Boy, Keegan Ash, born September 18, to Nicole and John Sochocky Jr. of Clintondale.

Castro, a Boy, Lorenzo Victor, born September 19, to Melissa Harling and Lorenzo Castro of Highland.

Mejias, a Girl, Bria Kaylee, born September 19, to Brittania La Fave and Daniel Mejias of New Windsor.

Burgos, a Boy, Joel Alberto, born September 20, to Kellyann Aviles and Jose Burgos of Newburgh.

Desir, a Boy, Javon, born September 20, to Ericka Figueroa and Meliace Desir of Walden.

Wright, a Girl, Elise Leone, born September 20, to Kate and Rob Wright of Cornwall.

Bailey, a Boy, Alan, born September 21, to Shareen Correa of New Windsor.

Baker, a Girl, Jennifer Helen, born September 21, to Carla Minnerly and Terrance Baker II of New Windsor.

Brunson, Ya’naeja Jay’Anna, born September 21, to Dontee Brunson of Newburgh.

Flores, a Girl, Josary Socorro, born September 21, to Johanna Guardado and Hector Flores of Newburgh.

Jeter, a Girl, Charlize Amanda, born September 21, to Catherine Fitzgerald and Charles Jeter III of Napanoch.

Tapia, a Boy, Ryan Alejandro, born September 21, to Maria and Angel Tapia of Newburgh.

Vasquez, a Girl, Dayana Cecilia, born September 21, to Erika Carbajula and Hector Vasquez of Newburgh.

Carling, a Girl, Emily Rose, born September 22, to Jennifer Micheletti and Cory Carling of New Windsor.

Goodall, a Boy, Caleb Jeffery, born September 22, to Emily and Steven Goodall of Hoover, AL.

Horn, a Boy, Joseph Alexander, born September 22, to Angela and Thomas Horn Jr. of Highland Falls.

Ochoa, a Girl, Kelly Alondra, born September 22, to Angeles Baltazar and Vicente Ochoa of Newburgh.

Onsarigo, a Girl, Trinity Rael, born September 22, to Jesica Odongi and Stephen Onyambu of Newburgh.

Pelaez, a Girl, Gillena Abyade, born September 22, to Rosalinda Arellano and Gil, Pelaez of Newburgh.

Goetz, a Girl, Dakota Morgan, born September 23, to Kira Aguilar and Nicholas Geotz of New Windsor.

Kizun, a Boy, Stonington Dmitro, born September 24, to Michelle and Michael Kizun of Highland Mills.

Fuller, a Boy, Joshua Josiah, born September 26, to Sharone and Maxwell Fuller of Newburgh.

Maceda, a Girl, Viviana Judith, born September 26, to Guadalupe Villamil-Maceda and Enrique Maceda of Newburgh.

McNair, a Boy, Rodney Allen Jr., born September 26, to Stephanie Geter and Rodney McNair of Newburgh.

Reese, a Girl, Briana Mary, born September 26, to Blanca McNeil and Willie Reese of Newburgh.

Montalvo, a Boy, Gabriel Xavier, born September 27, to Alise and Gabriel Montalvo of Walden.

, a Boy, Luke William, born September 27, to Laura and Anthony Perry of New Windsor.

McGowan, a Boy, Jake Kenneth, born September 28, to Candice and Robert McGowan of Newburgh.

Raffa, a Girl, Isabella Rose, born September 28, to Stephanie and Todd Raffa of New Paltz.

Diaz, a Boy, Jan Luis, born September 28, to Leslie Pomales and Luis Diaz of Newburgh.

Gonzalez, a Girl, Jarely Roxana, born September 29, to Karen Hernandez and Oscar Gonzalez of Newburgh.

, a Boy, Sabian Anthony, born September 29, to Collette Vertullo and John Aranzullo of Montgomery.

Dungca, a Girl, Phoebe Cassandra Bautista, born September 30, to Rowena and Christian Dungca of Newburgh.

Engness, a Boy, Christopher James, born September 30, to Kimberly and Kurt Engness of Newburgh.

Gordon, a Boy, Steven Donald, born September 30, to Grace Biscardi and Steven Gordon of Newburgh.

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