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September 15th, 2007

August 2007 SLCH Arrivals

August 2007

Grant, a Girl, Da’Mona Keneisha, born August 1, to Kemone and Damian Grant of Newburgh.

Nava, a Boy, Cristobal Ignacio, born August 1, to Rosa Hernandez and Aldo Nava of Newburgh.

Consorti, a Boy, Matthew John, born August 2, to Kristine and Matthew Consorti of Marlboro.

Glaisek, a Boy, Yann Paul, born August 2, to Stephanie and Paul Glaisek of Highland Falls.

Herring, a Girl, Fantasia Tragina, born August 2, to Donnika Williams and William Herring of Newburgh.

Thorpe, a Girl, Alexa Marie, born August 2, to Jill and William Thorpe of Pine Bush.

Evans, a Girl, Asia Marie, born August 2, to Sonya Evans and Robert Warner of Newburgh.

, a Girl, Baleria, born August 03, to Vianka Duarte and Idear Balbuena of Newburgh.

May, a Boy, Aidan Michael, born August 03, to Erin May and John Post of Wallkill.

Maldonado, a Girl, Mika-Lyne Rakel, born August 3, to Samantha Jourdan and Edwin Maldonado of Newburgh.

Arquitte, a Boy, Blake Simeon, born August 4, to Debra Coddington and John Arquitte of Walden.

Torres, a Boy, Cristian Jadiel, born August 4, to Mariely Rodriguez and Edwin Torres of Newburgh.

Aurecchione, a Girl, Alessandra Nichole, born August 5, to Ashley Davis and Philip Aurecchione of Newburgh.

Cedeno, a Girl, Asia Zhane, born August 5, to Rashida Herbert and Jose Cedeno of Newburgh.

Sanoja, a Boy, Joshua Jovasqui, born August 6, to Nohemy Perdomo and Tomas Sanoja of Newburgh.

Valdez, a Boy, Daniel Jr., born August 6, to Rosalba Cazarez and Daniel Valdez of Newburgh.

Jackson, a Boy, Antoine Caleb Jr., born August 07, to Ariel and Antoine Jackson of Newburgh.

Purnomo, a Girl, Michaela Putri, born August 07, to Dian Retmawati and Heri Purnomo of Highland Mills.

Garcia, a Boy, Harold Mario, born August 08, to Nicole Sinclair and Harold Garcia of Newburgh.

Napoli, a Girl, Zajanah Janai, born August 08, to Jessica and David Napoli of Maybrook.

Ruiz, a Boy, Joshua Alexander, born August 08, to Diana Ramirez of Newburgh.

Van Dalinda, a Girl, Allison Michelle, born August 08, to Sharon Hokanson and Allan Van Dalinda of Newburgh.

Guerra, a Girl, Maryolin Ninet, born August 09, to Mireliz Hernandez and Henry Guerra of New Windsor.

Brooks, a Girl, Milan Madison Amoya, born August 10, to Ramona McCallum.

Cowan, a Girl, Kahlaya Sannesha, born August 10, to Sannesha Higgins and Omar Cowan of Newburgh.

Rich, a Boy, Otis Renato IV, born August 10, to Melissa and Otis Rich III of New Windsor.

Alvarez, a Girl, Briana Marie, born August 12, to Brittany and Jose Alvarez of New Windsor.

Ortiz, a Boy, Angel Wilfredo, born August 12, to Juana Rivera and Angel Ortiz Jr. of Newburgh.

Arevalo, a Girl, Joanna Giselly, born August 13, to Natividad Ayavaca and Amable Arevalo of Wallkill.

Sbordone, a Boy, Christopher Thomas, born August 13, to Kim and Carmen Sbordone of Newburgh.

Walker, a Boy, Terence Avontae, born August 13, to Taishai Pearson and Terence Walker of Newburgh.

Colon, a Boy, Jalem Angel, born August 14, to Camille Colon of Newburgh.

Alyacoub, a Girl, Nour , born August 14, to Ahmad Fraihat and Ahmad Alyacoub of Newburgh.

Miller, a Boy, Ronan Jeremiah, born August 15, to Mary and Matthew Miller Sr. of Walden.

Barki, a Boy, Jackson William, born August 15, to Maria and Christopher Barki of Newburgh.

Rios, a Boy, Cesar Fernando, born August 15, to Aurelia Martinez and Ricardo Rios of Newburgh.

Suchy, a Boy, Benjamin Vincent, born August 15, to Tara and Martin Suchy of Montgomery.

DeFreece, a Girl, Zy’aira Clemen, born August 17, to Christina Jacobs and Clemen DeFreece of Newburgh.

Durrell, a Boy, Xavier Elijah, born August 17, to Christine Stubbs and Johnnie Durrell Jr. of New Windsor.

De Los Santos, a Girl, Julissa Magali, born August 18, to Brenda Sanchez and Antonio De Los Santos of Monroe.

Gonzales, a Girl, Joselyn Michelle, born August 18, to Yesenia Gonzalez of Newburgh.

Gonzalez, a Girl, Angelina Mari, born August 18, to Jessica Gonzalez of the Bronx.

Tucker, Chareese Shirley, born August 19, to Skyasia Hayes and Charles Tucker of Newburgh.

White, a Boy, Liam Andrew, born August 19, to Cynthia and Robert White of Wallkill.

Coyle, a Girl, Julia Addison, born August 20, to Denise and Frank Coyle of New Windsor.

Fincher, a Girl, Summer Zy’nise, born August 20, to Shakel Robinson and Jamie Fincher of Newburgh.

Robles, a Girl, Ashley Lorraine, born August 20, to Kara and Felix Robles of Wallkill.

Aguilar, a Boy, Adan Alexander, born August 21, to Veronica Mejia and Vladimir Aguilar of Newburgh.

Mann, a Girl, Julia Leigh, born August 21, to Diana Meehan and Anthony Mann of Montgomery.

Whitted, a Girl, Te’onna Y’vette, born August 21, to Patricia Whitted of Newburgh.

Carroll, a Boy, Ashten Michael, born August 22, to Jennifer and Christopher Carroll of Walden.

Vega, a Boy, Daniel James, born August 22, to Kelly Leto and Daniel Vega of New Windsor.

Flores, a Girl, Roselyn, born August 23, to Josefina Marin and Buenaventura Flores of Newburgh.

Kostic, a Girl, Emma Grace, born August 23, to Melissa Albright Kostic and Michael Kostic of Greenville.

Palladino, a Boy, Giuseppe Massimo, born August 23, to Christie and Giovanni Palladino of Newburgh.

Patterson, a Girl, Mi’kaiiya Nylynn, born August 23, to Danaya Herring and Michael Patterson of Newburgh.

Rodriguez, a Girl, Natalie Patricia, born August 23, to Olivia Bravo and Cecilio Rodriguez of Newburgh.

Green, a Girl, Te’mia A’marie, born August 24, to La’Tishia Grice and Tamil Green of Newburgh.

Jones, a Girl, Cassidy Lynn, born August 24, to Kelly and John James of Newburgh.

Martinez, a Girl, Alina Marie, born August 24, to Yvonne Nunez-Martinez and Angel Martinez of Newburgh.

Sanchez, a Boy, Erick Francisco Jr., born August 26, to Courtney Herring and Erick Sanchez of Newburgh.

Lyon, a Girl, Alexis Trinity, born August 27, to Melissa Pallazzo-Lyon and Ford Lyon of Modena.

Trapani, a Girl, Taylor Eleanor, born August 27, to Theresa and Gary Trapani of Newburgh.

Criss, a Girl, Ellahni, born August 28, to Danielle-Marie Desiderio and Eldon Criss of Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Cruz, a Girl, Laila Ali, born August 30, to Maria and Narciso Cruz of Newburgh.

Granillo, a Boy, Christian Robert, born August 30, to Erin Westfall of Newburgh.

Melton, a Girl, Rosaya Marysol Debra, born August 30, to Esmeralda Herrera and Stephone Melton of Newburgh.

Ubinas, a Boy, Joseph Albert Jr., born August 30, to Christine Cassidy and Joseph Ubinas of Newburgh.

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