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February 19th, 2014

Hayworth Declares Candidacy for Congress

Nan Hayworth declares candidacy for Congress, vows fight against ‘Arrogant Elitists’ in Washington.

CHESTER – Declaring war on the "arrogant elitists" in Washington, Nan Hayworth officially announced her candidacy for Congress in the 18th District yesterday before a crowd of nearly 400 at Satin Fine Foods in Chester, N.Y.

"I am determined to restore respect for hard work and individual freedom that made America the Promised Land for generations of immigrants," Hayworth said. "I am determined to assure that everyone will have their chance to achieve the American Dream."

During her remarks, Hayworth announced her commitment to empowering citizens to buy the insurance that they’d like, allowing parents to send their children to the schools of their choice, and reforming an outdated and unnecessarily complex tax code that penalizes the Middle Class.

"Washington is deep into a process of controlling where and when and how the dollars we work for are spent," Hayworth said. "I am here to tip the scales back to you."

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and state Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, both of whom addressed the crowd before Hayworth took the stage, shared their strong support of Hayworth’s efforts to date.

Hayworth is a doctor, a mother of two children who attended public school, and long-time resident of the Hudson Valley. Hayworth, who worked in a steel mill as a teenager, earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton, and her medical degree the Cornell University Medical College. After completing her residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center, she opened her own solo practice in the Hudson Valley.

"I am fighting as a doctor who cared for patients for nearly 20 years here," Hayworth said. "I know first-hand how important it is to have insurance you can afford, and to have access to good care."

"I am determined to fight for common sense," she added.

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