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October 23rd, 2013

We must remember: united we stand and divided we fall

Cindy Holmes

By Cindy Holmes

I, Cindy Holmes, have resided here in Newburgh all my life. I graduated from Fordham University with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Graduated from Westchester Business College with an Associates degree in Computer Application Management. I graduated from Newburgh Free Academy and I am very proud of all my educational achievements.

I have worked for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District for seven years as an Substitute Teacher and home tutor. I tutor high risk youths and my goal with them is to assist with there educational lesson plans and keep them in school. I enjoy working with students.

I worked at IBM for 17 years in various positions in Vermont, Maryland, East Fishkill, and Poughkeepsie. I worked at St. Luke’s Hospital for 7 years as a critical care secretary and other positions. I worked at Verizon Wireless in Orangeburg, New York as a customer service representative and acting Supervisor when needed. Lane Labs in New Jersey as a Call Center Supervisor. Amtrak as a ticket agent, Barney’s of New York as a Sales representative, The Children’s Village as a Waiver Service Provider giving respite care to children in our community. Family Health Center as a Senior HIV Analyst working in collaboration with the NYSDOH.

I am currently a Civil Service Commissioner ensuring the employment is given equally and fairly in the Civil Service Area.

My passions is to build Newburgh strong , Make our city Safer, Employment for our city residents, and to be the Taxpayers eyes and ears (stabilizing property taxes).

Our city has a very high crime rate and poverty issues. Poverty increases crime.

I intend to decrease the crime rate which will make our city safer. I plan to get more productive and constructive, educational, vocational, and job training programs for our children starting out of high school. When our children graduate and leave high school and do not get a job or go to college, they are now in the city with nothing to do. We need programs to prepare our youths for the working world and be responsible and accountable citizens.

For example: The Black press and I can implement a program with the school, city government to help our youths get successful employment in Journalism or Radio Announcement. There are many other innovative programs that can be implemented to make our city safer and create jobs for our city residents. Unity in the community is what is needed and we have to work together with all residents and businesses in the city.

Property taxes are shameful and ridiculous. Our home assessment is down and property taxes are up. 30% of homeowners live in their home while 70% are renters. These numbers should be reversed. I will be proactive and brainstorm now to have an alternative method and will not be in favor of property tax increases.

I will inform the residents where the taxpayers dollars are and how they are being spent. Property tax goes up, the rent goes. All the residents of Newburgh will pay for property tax increases. I have risen to the challenge by running for public office. My passion is for the City of Newburgh to do better and to help the residents of Newburgh live in a safe environment.

I won the primary by one vote and it is proven one vote has power. Please vote for me on November 5th. The polling places for Ward 4 are 290 North street and/or the Activity Center 401 Washington Street depending on your individual polling place and you can call 845-291-2444 (Board of Elections).

I will not stop because I believe in Newburgh. Remember: united we stand and divided we fall. Let us bring unity in our community. Vote please - one vote has power.

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