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July 31st, 2013

Posthumous Purple Heart awarded to Tiebout

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney discusses the ceremony with Mrs. and Mrs. Tiebout, who accepted a Purple Heart on behave of Corporal William Byers Tiebout, Jr., who was wounded in action including being hit in the right leg by strafing German aircraft.

NEWBURGH - In a ceremony at the historic Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Society, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney presented a long overdue military honor to the family of World War I veteran Corporal William B. Tiebout. The Purple Heart is awarded to service members who were killed or wounded by enemy action.

Corporal Tiebout enlisted in the United States Army and was wounded in action June 28, 1918 in Belgium, where he sustained shrapnel wounds to the legs. He was subsequently wounded in the right leg in a field hospital by a strafing German aircraft. Corporal Tiebout was discharged on January 25, 1919 and received a Ypres-Lys Defensive Sector Medal. During War World II, Corporal Tiebout served as an aircraft inspector for the Navy at Grumman Aircraft Company in Bethpage, NY.

"95 years and 28 days after Corporal Tiebout was wounded in battle, we are finally honoring one of our nation’s heroes. Today serves as a testament to all those who fought and will fight for our nation - no amount of time can ever diminish the debt we owe to all the brave men and women who serve and sacrifice in defense of our freedom," said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, son of a Navy veteran.

"This ceremony is a fitting tribute to honor Corporal William Byers Tiebout, Jr. for his service and dedication to our country. When his nation needed him he answered the call serving bravely and with distinction. From his tour with the Mexican Border Service, his time spent in Europe during World War I with the Army and his civilian work with the Navy during World War II, Corporal Tiebout time and again put his country first and today we formally thank him and his family for all their sacrifices," said New York State Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson).

"I’m very pleased that Mr. Tiebout and his family will receive the recognition he deserves for his great service. Although no longer with us, It’s important that we shine a light on people like Mr. Tiebout as a reminder of all that we owe our veterans and their families for their sacrifices," said New York State Senator Terry Gipson (D-Dutchess, Putnam). "I commend Congressman Maloney for his efforts and share with him a strong commitment to support our veterans and military families."

"Although our country can never fully repay the courageous sacrifices of veterans like Corporal William Tiebout, we honor and recognize his distinguished and selfless service to protecting our great nation, and appreciate Congressman Maloney’s efforts to always remember," said Assemblyman Frank Skartados (D-Milton).

"The sacrifices of brave veterans like Corporal William Tiebout protect our great nation and the freedoms we value. While I’m saddened that Corporal Tiebout wasn’t able to receive this recognition in his lifetime, it is with the utmost respect and gratitude that I thank his family for his noble service and congratulate them on the receipt of his richly deserved Purple Heart," said Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury).

"Our country owes a great debt to the heroes like William Tiebout, who selflessly risked their lives to protect our freedoms. Today our country is recognizing that bravery by presenting Mr. Tiebout’s Purple Heart to his son. It is important that we recognize generations past for their service as we welcome back today’s returning veterans," said Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill).

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