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October 30th, 2012

Storm Cuts Power to Approximately 200,000 O&R Customers

Hurricane Sandy has thus far knocked out power to approximately 200,000 of O&R’s 300,000 electric customers.

Because of the devastating damage the hurricane has caused to O&R's electric transmission and distribution system, O&R will have to rebuild much of those systems.

Once the severe weather conditions have subsided, O&R will begin a systematic inspection, damage assessment, reconstruction and restoration process. While this massive effort is expected to take weeks to complete, we project that the majority of the customers will be restored to service within10 days. These projections are very preliminary and will be adjusted as the full extent of the damage is determined.

O&R crews had restored service today to about 4,000 electric customers before O&R suspended electric field work because the violent weather made it impossible for crews to work safely. O&R will return those crews to the field when the weather moderates enough to work safely.

O&R has mobilized and deployed all available company and contractor crews to repair storm damage and restore service. About 1,000 O&R employees were joined by about 800 contractor field workers today. More crews are expected to arrive through the week

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