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October 29th, 2012

Orange County Issues Safety Message

Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy on Monday. Photo:NOAA
GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Edward A. Diana and Commissioner of Emergency Services Walter C. Koury advise residents of the following safety tips prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy:


1.      Watch out for Mother Nature.  Weather conditions can change at a moment’s notice.  Make sure you pay attention to weather related warnings and weather conditions. 

2.      Follow your plan.  Be ready to shelter in place in the event of a power outage.  You may be without power and phone service for days. 

3.      Do not attempt to drive or walk through standing or flowing water.  The depth of the water is not easy to judge and the force of the flowing water can sweep the vehicle off the road.  Currents are deceiving and roads may already be washed away.   

4.      Downed power lines are to be considered LIVE POWER LINES.  If you see power lines on the ground.  DO NOT TOUCH!  Power lines contain enough energy to seriously hurt you. 

5.      Do I smell something?  If you smell an odor in your house it may be propane or natural gas.  DO NOT attempt to locate the odor yourself, move yourself to safe location and call 911. 

6.      Do I have to leave? If you are directed to leave your home, please do so promptly.  Remember to shut off electric, heat and gas to the residence before you go.  Most importantly, lock windows and doors. 

7.      It’s windy!!! If the wind becomes strong, draw curtains/drapes, and then stay away from windows and doors.  Seek shelter in the lowest point of your house, or in a room on the first floor, preferably in the center of your house. 

8.      Candles are not your friend! Lighting a candle in a flooded or non-powered building can be a fire emergency as flammable liquids may be present and ignite.  In addition, the candle could cause a fire. 

9.      Picture this.  Make sure you take pictures of the inside and outside of your building.  Photos will help you document damages sustained for the insurance company. 

10.  My basement is flooded.  Use caution when pumping out basements.  Basement walls can lose structural integrity and a collapse of the foundation can occur when the water is removed. 

11.  Please! Please! Avoid the attractions by the river.  Although the river looks nice and the waves are intriguing, the water level and water surge is unpredictable and WILL pull you into the water. 

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