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October 24th, 2012

Newburgh police pilot new Park, Walk 'n Talk initiative

NEWBURGH - TEAM Newburgh and the City of Newburgh Police Department are undertaking a new initiative within the City of Newburgh called ‘Park, Walk & Talk.’ The initiative began on October 22nd at locations throughout the City of Newburgh.

Park, Walk & Talk consists of at least two officers exiting their vehicles and walking throughout the city for two to four hour stretches at a time. The goal is to make City of Newburgh Police more community accessible while bridging community police relations and ultimately increasing community police connectedness and communication. With increased visibility of the officers, Park, Walk & Talk allows community residents to become more familiar with local law enforcement and provide the opportunity for residents to have face to face contact with police to ask questions, raise concerns, or simply to get to know the police on a different level.

Park, Walk & Talk allows police to target areas with higher crime activity and vandalism. The increased visibility also assists in the apprehension of crimes in progress and increases security awareness amongst both community residents and business owners. The City of Newburgh Police Department realizes the more interaction they have with the community, the stronger this partnership will become. The Park, Walk & Talk initiative has been successful throughout the country and the hope is to recreate that success locally.

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