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August 22nd, 2012

Windows on Main Street highlights Beacon artists

Miranda Varela and Sadee Brathwaite were on hand to check out the “80s Eyes” exhibit, found at Dream in Plastics as part of Windows on Main Street. The event runs through September 8th.
BEACON - Cato Risicato refers to it as a win-win. Others use such words as “creative”, “collaborative” and “community” when talking about it. Whatever the word or phrase, Windows on Main Street is likely to elicit plenty of smiles and positive energy.

On Saturday night, August 11th, the official kickoff for the Main Street artistic ensemble took place at the Main Street business, Dream in Plastic. Here, hundreds could be found entering and exiting, as well as lounging in chairs, under tents, outdoors.

It was Second Saturday, and it was the summer in Beacon. The night took on a special, magical quality as it included the work of 50 local artists, showcasing their goods in an array of Main Street businesses. The joint effort is aimed at not only artistic flair and appreciation, but cultural and social understanding, economic growth as well as strengthened relationships between residents and artists. Saturday’s turnout spoke to the growing need for as well as popularity of the exhibit.

“We volunteered to host this party tonight because we really like helping artists and showcasing their work,” said Dream in Plastic co-owner, Diana Currie, whose partner is Jennifer Zukowski. “This is our third year anniversary as a business, and it has just been great to see this amazing turnout.”

Dream in Plastic itself was a home base to a bevy of art. Featuring “Tiny Windows,” a mini exhibition of the Artists of Windows on Main Street, it’s composed of about 30 of its artists.

One of the eye-catching pieces could be spotted in the front, right side window. Titled “80’s Eyes,” it includes a huge, red felt View Master, constructed with foam core and yarn. Its artists are Melissa Toth and Nicole Kail.

“We decided to do something based on our childhood, something that wasn’t about technology, more about natural light and the simplicity of it,” said Toth, who works at the DIA. “It was a very magical time before high tech video games and other stuff that took us away from using our imaginations came about.”

Also included in the 80’s tribute piece are; tee-shirts, handbags hand made felt key chains, as well as cardstock and cellophane reels, hanging from the interior’s window. Throughout the night, it was busily attended, while its artists were on hand to talk with admirers.

All up and down Main Street that same interactive spirit could be detected. With art readily visible in their windows, businesses were transformed to artistic centers. In the process, the community appeared to be one.

“Beacon is truly happening,” exclaimed Risicato, who has lived in Beacon for the past 3 1/2 years. “Windows is just such a great thing for the artists and shop owners; it brings community. Smiling, Risicato added, “Right now Beacon is rated the seventh best place to live in New York State; believe me, very soon it will be number one.”

If you haven’t got a chance to see the enchanting windows decorating Beacon’s Main Street, there is still plenty of time to do so. Windows on Main Street runs through September 8, 2012, and can be seen any time of the day or night.
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